Let’s be honest, traditional about me pages are fairly lame. Hi there – it’s me – my family – what we do – and why we love sushi. Excuse me while I roll my eyes and sigh. Let me guess? You love books, coffee, and walks too. Oh, you’re so unique, lol!

Mixing things up a bit, here’s everything you need to know about me across ten points (in alphabetical order of course).

1) Board member (municipal and school).
2) Boot wearer and chicken farmer.
3) Church consultant.
4) Civil engineer, aka concrete ninja.
5) Coach (trapshooting team).
6) Country music listener.
7) Family man and foster parent.
8) Goose hunter and gun lover.
9) Jesus follower.
10) Martial artist wannabe.

Contact me any time or request me for consulting and speaking. Let’s go break em all…